Children’s clothing: how to repair trousers without a sewing machine?

Children often come home with damaged clothes. Torn trousers after a football match, clothes with holes in them after running around the yard, etc. This can become a real worry when you don't have a sewing machine at your disposal. But with the right tools and methods, you can repair the damage in no time.

The necessary tools for sewing clothes

When it comes to sewing, various tools can be useful. To start with, a needle is obviously essential; all you need to do is choose the size that matches the fabric. For light trousers, a small needle will be more than enough. Then the threads come into play. If possible, choose a colour that is close to the garment to ensure that the mending is not too conspicuous. A thimble will also be important to help you push the needle when you start sewing. You must know that it should be put on your middle finger. To do the work, put the thread of your choice on the needle, tie a knot at its very end to give yourself a stop. The hand not holding the needle will hold the fabric. You can now start your sewing safely.

Proper techniques for proper aesthetics

In most cases, the result after mending is not really obvious, but from an aesthetic point of view, the trousers will not look very good. To avoid this kind of embarrassment, it is sufficient to apply an appliqué. This technique will be effective in hiding all the imperfections caused by the repair. Moreover, your children will be delighted with the result. They will be most happy about their favourite cartoon characters being on their clothes. Indeed, you can buy such products by visiting sewing shops or shopping online. With an iron-on appliqué, all you have to do is stick the image on the right place. If it is not iron-on, you will be forced to sew the outline onto the mending you have made.

An ideal method to eliminate discomfort

If at any time, the repair causes discomfort and your children start complaining, simply use interlining, but make sure you put the right size in the back of the trousers. With this material, your children will not even notice that the garment has been sewn up. After applying the product, all you have to worry about is ironing it. This will be an opportunity to get quality results with simple means. This is proof that you don't need much to repair the damage caused by your children's games.

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