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3 ways to wear military rangers

As the name suggests, military rangers have their origins in the military and date back to the Roman Empire. Considered a must-have piece of men’s fashion, military rangers are also appreciated for their versatility. They can be worn with both…

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Should you match your socks to the colour of your trousers?

Putting together the different pieces that make up an outfit is not an easy thing to do. It is even more difficult to match the different colours so that the whole outfit looks harmonious. In that respect, the visual beauty…

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The main shapes of hats for men and women

Before the 1950s, hats were considered necessary accessories. A man could not go out without one. But this is no longer the case as hats have become items whose job is to complete one’s style. The question arises: what are…

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How to find and wear unique tights?

Wearing tights is not always easy when you are not used to them. But you can still enhance the beauty of your legs with these fancy tights by knowing how to wear them… Wearing unique tights You may not feel…

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What heel height to choose according to your morphology?

By choosing the right heel height, you have the power to shape your figure. Contrary to what you may think, it is not enough to simply wear heels to achieve a slender silhouette. Indeed, choosing the right height and type…

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