What heel height to choose according to your morphology?

By choosing the right heel height, you have the power to shape your figure. Contrary to what you may think, it is not enough to simply wear heels to achieve a slender silhouette. Indeed, choosing the right height and type of heels for your body type is crucial. Here, we teach you about the height of heels to choose according to your morphology.

Heel heights for small bodies

Contrarily to what one might think, being less than 1.60m tall has many benefits. You can wear heels in all circumstances without looking too stuffy. If you're short, you'll be safe. As for the types of heels to choose from, you can mainly go for stilettos or wedges. Everything is allowed! As far as the height of the heels is concerned, the higher the heels you wear, the taller you will look. Some people might even be surprised once you stop wearing your high heels. If you don't have a problem with heel heights, then you can choose to wear pairs up to 12 cm without a platform, whether they are pumps or heeled sandals.

Heel heights for tall people

If you are tall, you probably already have a dream figure. It is sometimes unnecessary to wear high heels. Heels of less than 6 cm should be preferred to avoid looking too tall. As for the shape, you can choose between platform shoes, wedges, or square heels that will enhance your overall look. If you have a voluptuous body shape, choose thin heels as these will give your figure a boost.

Heels to wear when you are curvy

Do you have a rounded figure? If so, you can consider yourself very lucky, as high heels are the right chi=oice for you!. Obviously, the best heels for your body type are the classic pumps. For the height, you can choose to wear 10 or 12 cm heels to look more glamourous. You will get the same effect if you choose wedges or high-heeled sandals. The same is true if you have a more androgynous or muscular build. The higher your heels, the more feminine you can look.

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