Men’s Fashion

How to wear a blazer jacket with style?

The blazer is one of the basic and essential pieces in a man’s wardrobe. It must be said that it is timeless and easy to wear. For you gentlemen, here are some ideas for perfect looks while wearing a blazer….

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Custom-made suits: what alterations can be made?

Tailor-made suits offer distinction and elegance to their wearers. However, if the body mass or shape changes, e.g. due to weight loss or weight gain, the suit no longer fits perfectly. In such cases, an alteration is necessary. Calling in…

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How to wear braces while looking classy

One of the latest trends in clothing is braces or straps. Indeed, they are back in the spotlight and have become a fashion accessory in their own right, accentuating men’s looks. However, there are certain ways to wear such clothing…

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What to wear to a job interview?

After you have landed a job interview, choosing the right outfit to wear can be a difficult task. You probably have many questions about what to wear and what not to wear as at a job interview, the first impression…

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