Fashion Trends

How to enhance your outfit with a fashion piece?

The right fashion accessories can certainly enhance your style and boost your look. Fortunately, they now come in several categories depending on style, taste and preference. Among them : scarves, glasses, hats, belts and jewellery are the most popular. Focus…

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How to wear the denim jacket, a must-have item in your wardrobe?

Appearance is important for an individual. That’s why everyone tries to do their best to make it look good. Dress is one of the basic elements of a good appearance, hence the fact that many people try to look stylish…

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10 DIY ideas to customize your jeans

DIY is short for Do It Yourself. It is about using your imagination as well as learning and acquiring new skills. This method is therefore seen as the science of doing things it yourself. This brings us back to the…

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How to wear sportswear with style?

Sportswear fashion is all the rage at the moment. Popularised by famous sportsmen and women, this trend has been adopted by artists and models alike. But what are the basics of sportswear? How do you wear it stylishly? Find out…

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Children’s clothing: how to repair trousers without a sewing machine?

Children often come home with damaged clothes. Torn trousers after a football match, clothes with holes in them after running around the yard, etc. This can become a real worry when you don’t have a sewing machine at your disposal….

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Storage tips to save space in your wardrobe

Everybody is different when it comes to organising and tidying up spaces. A technique that works for one person does not necessarily work for another. If your wardrobe is a mess because you’ve long since given up on the idea…

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