How to wear sportswear with style?

Sportswear fashion is all the rage at the moment. Popularised by famous sportsmen and women, this trend has been adopted by artists and models alike. But what are the basics of sportswear? How do you wear it stylishly? Find out the answers to these questions in this article.

Essential items for a stylish sportswear look

Whether you're a man or a woman, the basis of stylish sportswear is always the combination of shorts and T-shirts. Indeed, this clothing combination refers to several sports disciplines, including tennis, basketball, and football to name a few. For shorts, choose a breathable fabric (such as cotton) that is close-fitting, but not tight. The most popular length is mid-thigh. Avoid baggy shorts and Bermuda shorts that go down to the calf. These look more like streetwear. Synthetic materials are also to be avoided, as they make you sweat. When it comes to colour, you are free to choose according to your preferences. A solid colour gives a more elegant and classy appearance. As for the T-shirt, go for long sleeves in the cold season and short sleeves in the warm season. The stylish sportswear T-shirt comes in two main styles: - Polo shirt with buttoned necklines for a classy, sober and elegant golfer look. - The round neck t-shirt in grey-white or pastel shades for an elegant and athletic look.

The new fashion pieces that complete the sportswear look

The sweater, with or without a bonnet, is an essential piece of clothing for a stylish sportswear look. Pair it with a totally different piece to create a unique style: leather jacket, chino, blazer... Note that the sweater should not be tight around the armpits and shoulders and that its length must stop at your waist, just below the belt. You can choose one with a pattern or a solid colour. You can also go for hoodies, which are larger, thicker versions of sweaters that usually come with a large bonnet.

Trainers for a stylish sportswear look

Sportswear trainers are called runners. Some people like soft, high-top trainers that display the top of the socks. Others may prefer the traditional low-top canvas trainer. A white or midnight blue colour will match any outfit. If you are tall, high-top trainers will suit you better and if you are short, low-top trainers are a better choice.

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