How to wear braces while looking classy

One of the latest trends in clothing is braces or straps. Indeed, they are back in the spotlight and have become a fashion accessory in their own right, accentuating men's looks. However, there are certain ways to wear such clothing accessories without looking like a clown.

Why wear braces?

The idea of wearing braces was born out of the desire to look more stylish in one's outfit. At the same time, the practicality of this accessory is no less important, especially in a context where some want to wear trousers without a belt. The benefit of this piece lies in the fact that it is relatively affordable. In addition to being easy to wear, it also gives that much sought-after touch of originality with a slight offbeat to the outfit. Whether you want to have a sharp look for an event or just to enhance your everyday style, straps always offer a great alternative, especially since there is no shortage of models on the online market that may fit your style. Just choose the right braces for the occasion, ones the right widths, and you're done!

Button straps

Button straps are worn on more formal occasions. They are fastened with six buttons along the waistband of your trousers. Since this type is designed for special occasions, you can wear them with your dinner jackets and ultra-classy suits. Thanks to the way they are tied, wearing them will give you a more formal look. That's why it's best to save them for formal outings, such as a suit-shirt-and-tie combo or a chino-blazer and bow tie.

The straps' width

Just like ties and lapels, braces come in different widths depending on the model. This is the small detail that can make or break an appearance, hence the importance of a good choice. Indeed, the thinner the straps, the more informal the result. On the other hand, wide straps create a dressier look. So avoid wearing very wide versions when wearing jeans and a casual shirt.

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