Custom-made suits: what alterations can be made?

Tailor-made suits offer distinction and elegance to their wearers. However, if the body mass or shape changes, e.g. due to weight loss or weight gain, the suit no longer fits perfectly. In such cases, an alteration is necessary.

Calling in a tailor

When a tailor-made suit no longer fits, modifications are required. However, this type of clothing item is tricky to handle. To ensure that the modifications are perfect, it is best to call on the services of a professional tailor. Indeed, tailoring is to be studied on a case-by-case basis. The changes will depend on the margin left by the original tailor as well as the body shape of the person who will wear it. But if the tailor is really good, all the adjustments can be done. Nevertheless, jackets and blazers are rather difficult to alter.

Adjustments made to a jacket

For jackets or blazers, some modifications are also possible. But each will depend on many parameters. As far as bending is concerned, it is possible most of the time when the jacket is too big. But widening is a different story. Indeed, the widening of a jacket or blazer will depend on the fabric margin left by the tailor. The same applies to shirts; for sleeves or lengths to be shortened, adjustments are always possible. To make all these changes, the seams must be reworked. If the jacket was once the right size, the seams will just have to be taken up a little by widening a little or cinching a little. But it is always advisable to keep a margin of amplitude for greater comfort.

Modifications made to trousers

Following the example of the jacket, it is easier to shorten or to curve trousers than to prolong their length. Indeed, the margin of fabric left at the level of the seams is going to play much on the feasible adjustments. But even if bending is easier, if the trousers are at the beginning very ample, the modifications will be difficult to carry out. The amplitude of departure can give place to folds after the alterations. In this sense, it is always best to call in specialists in the field of tailored suits alterations. Being considered very valuable pieces by many, tailored suits deserve special alteration skills.

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