How to wear a blazer jacket with style?

The blazer is one of the basic and essential pieces in a man's wardrobe. It must be said that it is timeless and easy to wear. For you gentlemen, here are some ideas for perfect looks while wearing a blazer.

Use shirts to create a more refined look

The blazer is the key piece for a classy everyday look. But, what should you wear with your blazer ? Obviously, a tight white shirt ! The two pieces go perfectly together. In fact, the collar of the shirt and the lapels of the blazer work very well together. The addition of a tie creates an ultra-refined look, especially for special occasions. The end result is simply incredible. Note that white is a chameleon colour. Nevertheless, you can wear a more colourful shirt. Be careful with the combination of colours to avoid false notes ! Nowadays, blazers are a staple of men's fashion. It is wise to have several models to go with multiple outfit ideas. This site offers the IRO selection for men.

Choose the blazer and T-shirt combo for a casual look

To create a chic yet casual outfit, it's a good idea to combine a blazer with a classic T-shirt. This combo is very trendy and is suitable for all occasions, whether you are going out on the town with friends, family reunions, receptions, parties, etc. Of course, the combination of a blazer and a T-shirt can be tricky ! Indeed, the style of these two pieces is diametrically opposed. It's a good idea to do a little fitting to find the perfect outfit. To create a casual look, it is best to wear a white or black T-shirt under a coloured blazer. Here, the jacket is well highlighted. To complete your outfit, you can opt for slim-fitting trousers or even jeans. Finally, the famous moccasins or trainers are the best choice for shoes.

Focus on accessories

Usually in a solid colour, a blazer is a basic piece in a wardrobe. To personalise your look, there is nothing better than accessories. The combination of a blazer, sunglasses and a nice watch can make all the difference. You will have a more stylish and trendier outfit. Gold jewellery is also a must, especially for prestigious events like weddings. However, don't overdo it. The "bling bling" effect can spoil the final result.

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