What to wear to a job interview?

After you have landed a job interview, choosing the right outfit to wear can be a difficult task. You probably have many questions about what to wear and what not to wear as at a job interview, the first impression you give to the interviewer is really crucial. So, to increase your chances of getting the job, it is best to have the right dress code. Here is what to wear and how to avoid making mistakes on the big day.

Choosing the right outfit for a job interview

For a woman, the perfect outfit for a job interview can vary from one profession or sector to another. If you are in doubt, you should avoid being unique. Instead, go for a classic look with black slim-fit jeans, a jacket, and a coloured blouse. The risk of looking too serious will be more advantageous to you than the opposite. To show your respect for your interviewer, choose trousers or a skirt suit. For an interview in the finance sector, a dress with a small jacket, trousers or a skirt suit will always be ideal, especially if you feel comfortable wearing them. For an interview in the real estate sector, avoid wearing an ultra-feminine outfit, heavy make-up, and jewellery, especially if it is a field position. Indeed, it is better to play it cool with trousers, a jacket and small heels instead.

The choice of men's clothing for a job interview

Just as for women, the choice of men's clothing for a job interview depends on the sector of activity in which a man has applied. If you have are willing to work in the finance sector, a dark suit with cufflinks, polished black shoes and a tie are more appropriate. However, when it comes to the real estate sector, you can choose to wear a more or less casual outfit depending on the position you are aiming for.

Things to remember

Without going overboard, you should always breathe elegance and sobriety in a job interview. For women, crucial details should be taken care of, from the hairstyle to the tips of the nails. Trousers with a blouse and jacket are still a good choice, as is a dress or jacket. If you are a man, you can go for a classic look on the day of the job interview by choosing to wear a blouse, a jacket or simply a suit.

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