Should you match your socks to the colour of your trousers?

Putting together the different pieces that make up an outfit is not an easy thing to do. It is even more difficult to match the different colours so that the whole outfit looks harmonious. In that respect, the visual beauty of the pant-sock combo can vary depending on the individual's body type, 

Socks to make the legs look longer

The choice of the colour of the shoes or socks with relation to the trousers will depend on the body shape of each person. When the colour of the socks and trousers is the same, the legs look slimmer, but these look longer when the socks match the shoes. Indeed, an optical effect comes into play and makes the part of the foot on which the sock is placed appear to be the continuation of the leg. For shorter men or those who simply want to lengthen the appearance of their legs, matching socks to trousers is a wise choice.

Socks have role to play in enhancing shoes

Socks to wear under your trousers can allow you to highlight one element of the outfit, either the shoes or the trousers. By choosing a sock colour that is identical or similar to that of the shoes, it will highlight them. Indeed, they will be more visible because the colour of the socks will enhance theirs. The same applies to trousers. They stand out when their colour is close to that of the socks. If there is nothing in particular to highlight, black socks are always a good choice. Indeed, black is a basic colour that goes with almost any outfit.

Socks help give an atypical look

Some men want to make a statement with their outfits. Matching socks and trousers, therefore, becomes a more complex task. Indeed, standing out does not mean dressing any old way. For this to happen, the combination of colours should always be taken into account. Complementary colours are those that look best together. Similarly, neighbouring colours go well together. This is the case with khaki socks with grey trousers or beige socks with white trousers. With black trousers, the choice of socks is not so much a problem. Finally, wearing white, red or just dark socks always makes the outfit look more distinctive.

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