The main shapes of hats for men and women

Before the 1950s, hats were considered necessary accessories. A man could not go out without one. But this is no longer the case as hats have become items whose job is to complete one’s style. The question arises: what are the most sought-after types of hats by men and women these days?

The trilby, the fedora and the porkpie

The trilby is a hat that used to be worn only by men but is now also worn by women to bring a masculine touch to their outfits. This hat is mainly characterised by a short brim and is blistered at the front and raised at the back. It has a small and rounded cap. Let’s turn to the fedora. It is also a man’s hat but is more elegant in a way. The brim of this one is larger and the cap is higher. Finally, the porkpie is a hat that appeared in American culture during the Civil War.

The boater, the top hat and the bowler hat

The boater is a straw hat with a flat brim and cap that costs about 49 €. It first appeared in the 19th century and is worn more by women today than by men. Next is the top hat, which is also called the Gibus. This hat has a high and rigid cap and is often cylindrical. Finally, we can mention the melon hat, which is a mythical piece invented in 1849 by the brothers William and Thomas Bowler. It is a man’s hat with a semi-spherical cap.

The cloche hat, the capeline and the beret

Let’s start with the cloche hat which is a mythical female headgear. It is bell-shaped and has a round cap that fits snugly on the head. Then comes the capeline which is also a mythical feminine hat that has wide and very soft edges. Not to mention that the capeline offers great protection against the elements. Finally, we should mention the beret, which is a 100% French hat. It is a mixed accessory. Nowadays, the beret can be made of many materials such as leather or fabric. It also has a little tail on top called a cigarette.

Ultimately, hats are necessary items to complete outfits. They are optional nowadays, but this was not always the case. A hat can be a great trend for both men and women, but it is important to remember that there are many different types of hats in the world, depending on their shapes and functions.