Types of female body shapes

The female body type is very different from the male body type in many ways: wider hips, curves, more rounded or developed shapes... Today, we will introduce you to these types of female body types. You will then be able to identify yours and others' easily.

Why take an interest in your female body type?

Knowing your body type can help you choose the clothes that suit you best, i.e. clothes that enhance your figure, your shape, and your beauty. Indeed, each cut of clothing is adapted to a specific type of body shape. Wearing elegant yet comfortable fashion clothes is what every woman dreams of doing when shopping! For your information, each body type is naturally inherited but can be greatly influenced by a woman's lifestyle, diet, and even her geographical area and environment. Each body morphology can be worked on and naturally perfected thanks to an adequate diet and well-targeted exercises.

The most common female body shapes

A big number of women around the world have a pyramid or A shaped body. This shape is characterized by hips that are wider than the shoulders. The top is rather narrow, and the bottom rather wide and rounded. The O-shape is a fuller figure with rounded shoulders and hips. It is a typical figure for women with a rounded stomach, thighs, waist, and arms. The H-shaped figure is balanced, with the shoulders more or less in line with the hips. In this shape, the chest is small and the waist is not very pronounced.

Fitness and feminine body shapes

Balanced and beautiful body shapes are usually obtained through good sports practice, hence the term "worked". Of course, these shapes can be natural for some women, since heredity and lifestyle influence the figure to a greater or lesser extent. The V-shaped female body is characteristic of muscular, athletic women. The shoulders are wider than the hips and the pelvis is, therefore, less developed. The legs are slender and long. The X-shaped morphology has a more pronounced waist, with a slim silhouette, without curves. Finally, there is the 8 figure, similar to the X-shape, but with a less pronounced waist, and balanced, plump shapes.

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