How to wear the checkered shirt to the office?

Nowadays, a lot of importance is placed on what you wear. This is true in any situation. Whether it's at school or even at work. Indeed, what you wear is the first impression you give. In this context, the concept of the checkered shirt comes to mind. This type of clothing is very trendy and can be appropriate for a large number of situations. The question is, how do you wear a checkered shirt to the office ? Choosing a checkered shirt First of all, it is important to remember that there are a large number of checks. Which brings us to this paragraph. There are three types of checked shirts : the fitted and slim-fitting type, the over-size type and the slightly flowing type. In terms of cut, the choice must be made according to the desired style of dress. The next thing to consider is the type of check. We can distinguish between large and small checks, click here for details. For the former, they are more suitable for a rock style or boyish look. For the latter, they will shape a retro, chic or romantic look. Choosing the right combination First of all, the combo that works best with check shirts is a classic. It is the perfect combination with jeans. Though, you have to be careful with the colour, because checks don't really go with bright colours. Secondly, trousers can also do the trick. Just don't wear linen trousers. They don't go well together. Skirts and shorts can also be paired with checked shirts. In short, check shirts go with everything else. Other looks with a check shirt First of all, there is a very simple style. It is the plaid shirt tied at the waist. This is useful when it's hot and you don't want to carry the shirt around. Secondly, a checked shirt can substitute a waistcoat. This can be worn over a plain dress or jeans and a top. It can be worn open or closed. The shirt can also be worn under a sweater. The sleeves and collar are rolled up. This gives a cool and more modern look. Finally, you can wear a checked shirt under a blazer. Adding the blazer breaks the pattern and gives a more fashionable look.

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