Top 3 trendy coats to wear this winter

The arrival of winter is associated with cozy moments at home, warm drinks, but also the release of warm and thick clothes. The choice of coats is particularly delicate, because it is not always enough to choose the most aesthetic piece, but also to take into account the comfort and the fluctuations of the climate.

The return of vintage coats

The year 2019 saw the return of vintage style coats. In 2021, this trend is still in vogue as models and celebrities are often photographed sporting coats in this style. If you are interested in these styles, you can see IRO's spring-summer collection on their website. In the 1920s, women preferred long, simple coats, with only the buttons standing out. Thanks to the actress Marlene Dietrich, very masculine coats became the trend in the 30s and 40s. It wasn't until the 1950s that more form-fitting, feminine coats made their appearance and ten years later, they became a fashion staple in women's wardrobes.

The down jacket trend

For several years now, down jackets have been making a splash on the fashion scene. This is not only due to the fact that they have been adopted by the great designers, but also because they are very comfortable and warm pieces, ideal for the coldest winters. The main advantage of the down jacket is its diversity. They are made, sold and worn in every imaginable colour. Since the down jacket style has also made its appearance on the most important fashion week catwalks, their cut has become more and more daring. They can be found in different styles, in XXL versions, broad shoulders, teddies, and even dresses.

Leather : essential and timeless

If there is one type of coat that is always on trend, it has to be leather. Thanks to committed designers, leather jackets are now available in faux leather, to the delight of vegan consumers. The leather jacket or coat is a must-have item in any wardrobe, whether for men or women. Because of its durability, this type of piece is an excellent investment. Leather coats can be worn in many different ways. Their durability allows them to be worn for many years, creating a charming vintage look. They can also be worn with furs, in animal prints or in a sportier style. They can be worn long or short, with a more formal or casual outfit.

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