The black dress: how to add the right accessories to this fashion classic?

There are many fashion pieces that have proven they are essential and timeless, and the black dress is one of them! But this classic can easily make an outfit look mournful. It is, therefore, necessary to use some accessories to bring some style to it. Here is how to do it...

A belt to break up black

In order to avoid giving the impression that you're going to a funeral with that lack dress, adding accessories is needed! For this, a belt is definitely a good idea. The latter should be worn at the waist and therefore positioned directly in the middle of the dress. It is one of the most visible elements of an outfit. For small dresses that are close to the body, a wide belt is ideal. On the other hand, a thinner belt is more suitable for a dress with a bell-shaped skirt. The colour of the belt should ideally be bright, but it can also be gold or silver. Just make sure that it does not clash with other accessories such as jewellery, shoes, or even a clutch or handbag.

Go for visible jewellery to add sparkle!

To enhance a black dress with a classic cut, there's nothing better than visible jewellery. Indeed, voluminous jewellery brightens up the outfit. Thick earrings and thick necklaces or bracelets are excellent. Note that neck jewellery should be chosen to match the neckline of the dress. Bibs are also ideal for round or blouse-type collars. For V-necks, long necklaces are the most suitable. But jewellery items should also be in harmony with each other. For instance, gold and silver jewellery should not be worn together in the same outfit.

Enhance your outfit with the right shoes

A mournful look can emerge if black shoes are worn in combination with a black dress. To counteract this, going for brighter coloured shoes is the right thing to do. Indeed, sandals or pumps in festive colours will bring a fresh touch to the outfit. But more elegant colours such as camel, beige or grey can also do the trick. In any case, the shoes must have a bright colour so that they can be seen and can cut through the darkness of the dress!

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